Thursday, October 16, 2008

a warm welcome!

Hi to all Amateurs fellows out there! we are really proud to open this new Ham-kerayong blog.

here i want to thankful to 9w2mzr(mazru) 9w2twh(saedin) 9w2rby(kak robi) 9w2aza(maza) 9w2adh(adh) SWALMW(marwan) 9w2ozm(azam) 9w2jop(cikgu joe) 9w2kek(jais) 9w2sca(cikgu mie)9w2ryd(rasyid) and all of Kerayong Amateurs fellow.. to support this blog and promo. this blog to all of our friends out there,

i want to wish u all luck on Radio amateurs hobbies and be the best ham operators in the universe!
so i really need u all to support us to make radio amateurs grow fast here in Malaysia,

Another thing is to all amateur radios fellows from other country who like to posting in our blog please contact me, we are OKAY to u to write in english here in our blog. for any enquiry or question u can email to us or contact us!

And not forget to new SWAL or PEOPLE who like to find/searching for radio amateurs in KERAYONG BERA u can contact us, and we want Kerayong Bera citizen come, and join with Us!
we are ready to support and make u be A HAM RADIO OPERATOR/RADIO AMATEURS.

Hope to see u on Air!


De 9w2frd
Firdaus Elis