Friday, October 17, 2008

Thunder Flood at Kerayong!

Yesterday 16/10/08 at 21:00hr its Shocking and Without warning. after The heavy rain and storm, flood crossing the main road at Kerayong, near Petronas Station Oppsite direction on Bera sport Centre, luckily

there was no major/minor accident cases was reports.

Traffic control and Thanks to Ham Radio Operators

Road was stuck vice versa by an heavy traffic but yes there were PDRM(Polis DiRaja Malaysia) who controll the traffic situation, but we also thanks to Ham Radio Operators who give PDRM support on radio communication.. on that time Two volunteers ham operator who rush to location and quickly give support to PDRM.

9w2frd(firdaus) and 9w2twh(saedin)

Cover the location with benefit of radio communications both station go to the remote location and help Policeman to control the traffic situation. at the same time 9w2rby(mrs. Robi) give the traffic information to all station, including 9w2mzr(mazru) and 9w2adh(adha) at their base station giving update reports to far stations about flooding status, thanks to them!

no more flood at 22:++hr!

flood has resided on 22:++

de 9w2frd

P/S after that all station gather and roundtable lol!